'The Cathar' is an independent short film produced by Liam Hendrix Heath. Shot in a multitude of different locations (e.g Farnham, London and North Wales), and in between lockdown, this production was nothing short of a miracle. 
I could not have been more proud to have been part of a the cast and crew. The final short film has not yet been released to the public. Below is the first trailer.  
As the Production Designer,  I sourced materials and hand crafted props (like the manuscript below), set up the shots with the crew and kept an eye out for continuity during the scenes. 
During our four day shoot in wales, I double as a runner and dolly grip for a multitude of the shots. Our time in Wales was extremely physically and mentally demanding (I would do it again in a heartbeat). Always full of excitement, I loved nothing more than carrying heavy camera equipment up the Snowdonian mountains, prepping bloody mannequins in the pouring rain, making sure everyone had a hot cup of tea in their hands and a smile on their faces.  
Below is a collection of images from the handcrafted manuscript I created for our writer and producer Liam. 

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