Powersnatch is my final studio project for my Bachelor's in Design at Goldsmiths, University of London. 
Project Synopsis...

If muscles alone have the power to subvert restricting, artificial stereotypes imposed on women in Western societies, then weightlifting with “Girli Concrete” weights exposes the artificiality and inauthenticity of traditional ‘gender’ and sex ideals.
In this live streamed performance, also watched by my neighbours stuck in quarantine, I recite a poem I wrote, whilst simultaneously weightlifting.
Powersnatch is not a project just about weightlifting. It is a platform, a way of life, created in hopes of dissociating out-dated, negative connotations of women as weak; as objects to possess, not to respect. It is about women not having to assert themselves in certain space. It is about women being valued and respected for their endeavours and accomplishments in all spaces. 

“Nobody gives away power. Power needs to be taken”.
A Visual Sneak Peek...
Composite of two bodybuilders from opposite sexes.
Composite of two bodybuilders from opposite sexes.
Collage Exploration of my process
Collage Exploration of my process

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